10 All Time Best Business and Financial Tips For Dentists

#5. Business Advice For Dentists

Take away points for Dentists:

It’s a very simple financial rule but yet overlooked by so many young and old dentists. It takes some time to make a good consistent revenue from your dental practice. And once you start making the revenue it very important that you start utilizing the money.

As said in the rule, never put all your finance into one investment plan. Diversify it. Check out the investment options very carefully. Other than insurances invest in good stocks. The goal is to spread your cash into different legitimate investments so that you are able to generate the maximum revenue out of your earnings.

#6. Business Advice For Dentists

Take away points for Dentists:

Have you ever watched the episodes of National Geographic where they show how a NEW Lion takes over a pride from the RULING Lion? It’s pretty ruthless. The new Lion first has to defeat the ruling Lion in one on one FIGHT. If the new Lion wins then he immediately goes to kill all the cubs of the previous king. No one expects that the new king will show any mercy.

It may sound ruthless & appear cruel but that is the natural order of things.

When you are an entrepreneur or a dentist who has invested a lot of time & money in starting/establishing dental practice you have to Ruthless like a Lion. The first mental thing to do is NEVER expect people will be honest or do a favor to you just like that.

Honesty is a  rare virtue.

Honesty is not always a two-way track. You can be honest with all the people related to your dental practice, but you cannot be sure that you will get that honesty in return. It takes some time to see if your honesty is returned by honesty.

So lower your expectation in that regard and always keep your guard up not to get cheated.

And when you do find someone really honest & hard working, willing to work at your dental practice/company then be careful to keep them for as long as you can.

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Business and Financial Tips for Dentists

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