Hi to one and all . Your’s friendly DR.DEB is back. Am back with one more super good article that will no doubt be of immense help to all the Dental Graduates trying for MDS entrances . 

Article written by Dr.Junaid Mohammed ( MDS CDS )

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This post is very special as the writer is a very good friend of mine . He has been preparing for MDS entrance exams for past 1 year . Finally all his hard work and patience paid off as he was able to secure a 2nd Rank in the Tamilnadu MDS entrance exams & 1st Rank in the Andhrapradesh MDS entrance exam . In the end he chose and joined Madras Govt Dental College in the department of “Community & Public Health Dentistry”. He will be starting his classes soon .

In the mean time I requested him to write an article and to share his experience  related to MDS Entrance exams . Within a few days he wrote and gave me the article. Its perhaps one of the best written articles on the preparation for MDS entrance .The writer has chronicled his experiences and emotions in a very simple and straight forward manner that will appeal to all the readers who are preparing for MDS entrance exams. It answers some very serious questions like ….


1. How to start the preparation ?

2. What are the books not to be missed ?

3. How to manage time ?

So , lets hand over the article to Dr. Junaid Mohammed .

Hi to every body . This is Dr. Junaid . In this letter I will be sharing my experiences of preparing for the MDS entrance exams . TO DO IT

I guess i can start of by describing the two charecters of the famous recent bollywood film 3 IDIOTS… Guess two charecters in that film which stood apart were Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad “Rancho” played by Aamir khan and Chatur Ramalingam or “Silencer” played by Omi Vaidya.. while “Rancho” did smart study.. Chatur was a mug pot… the ending of the film shows that in the end its “Rancho” who succeeded more in life than chatur…

The reason i started this blog with a film story is because of how close this film is to reality..

MDS entrance preparation is not about memorising question and answers.. its about smart study understanding simple concepts and building on those concepts by revision till your Hippocampus processes it into long term memory..

But the question that will arise is ” WHAT IS SMART STUDY??

Smart Study


When I mean smart, it means that your clever enough to recognise as to what each exam demands out of the students appearing for it…

For that I shall blog some methods which hopefully may help us crack these entrance examz discussing each method according to particular exam.


All india institute of medical sciences conducts 2 MDS entrance exams in a year one in May the other in November. The same institute conducts the AIPG “All india postgraduate entrance exam” in the first week of jan each year..

Guys. I guess we all know that AIPG is the ” Big daddy of all MDS entrance exams” and I guess there is no necessity in elaborating the importance of this exam..
AIPG by far is the toughest of the entrances offered for MDS exams… As it checks the DEPTH of our knowledge of the subject… So its not suprising to find AIPG rankers even getting state ranks or topping other examz..
According to me AIPG requires a minimum of 7-8 months of preparation…

Why so much time for preparation for AIPG?

AIPG is an unpredictable paper.. This year (2011) for example we didnt have a single question from either Prosthetics or Orthodontics… The trend is tilting heavily towards Basic Medical sciences…

But one thing should be clear that in AIPG many questions are direct repeat from previous year dental papers or direct pick from the medical papers. So solving the previous year pg dental and medical entrance exam papers becomes equally important.. For example this year atleast 130-140 questions were direct pick from  previous year dental and medical papers. So getting all of them correct is mandatory…

If we falter in these better well can realise  that we stand nowhere..

What books do we need.. ??

We do need the regular dental question banks like Dental pulse/ Gowri Shankar and brush it up.. Read those books, those synopsis… There may be some select topics from which the questions both easy and tough are asked.. take a standard text book read it in detail..

Maintain a separate book for values.. Keep on having a look on those neumericals every morning..

Now after having built up our base… We now need to read up books like dental explore.. all past year questions from 2007 including those of PGI, BHU in that book.

Bascially we have to become a vaccum machine.. taking in much of knowledge we can without straing our ever so plastic Brain..

Now comes the Basic medical science part.. When ever we prepare for Aipg. we should put it in our heads that we are “Medical (MBBS) doctors with a dual degree which is BDS” :)
Yes.. the questions of basic medical sciences may be beyond our BDS curriculum.. but thats whatz asked.


Mudith Khanna (Aipgmee) Amith Ashish (aiims medical) are mandatory.. You would be suprised to know that in AIPG 2009 paper of ours 40-50 medical questions were direct picks from AIIMS medical may 2008 paper.. ;)

Read the questions well and understand the explanations given in the book.. Even dont skip the ENT, Ophthalmology, OG, Peadiatric, Orthopedic questions.. In short All the book has to be read.. The concepts understood with our standard texts..

other good books for basics is Saumiya Shukla (Anat, physio, biochem) Gobind garg (pharm) . . Gobind is an amazing book with simple explanations and mneumonics worth a buy..

Reading all this.. and some also stress on National board books (those books if you want to preparing to go to USA to do DDS) .. the difficult dental questions are taken as direct picks from there [ I did not get them on time myself but if you get hold of it its worth reading]

All this done.. then revise revise revise… tough surely but not impossible… you need to prepare regularly.. atleast 6-7 hours a day with regular rests …

And at the day of exam be confident.

Exam Day

 Dont get nervous (i messed up mostly because of this).. read the questions carefully.. There are 200 questions.. 4 marks for every correct answer 1 for every wrong answer..

Simple questions should be answered correct.. Difficult questions are difficult for everyone.. be wise before you mark.. it does not require you to attempt all 200 questions to get a rank :) After the exam is done.. relax.. relax.. and think about the other exams in hand.. Dont join discussions with friends and get yourself more nervous (as i did ).



If you have read properly for AIPG all the other exams should be comparitively easier.. Comedk is an easier exam 180 questions no negative marking.. Exam is held in Bangalore.. From now onwards we now have to change our minds and say to ourselves “WE ARE DENTAL SURGEONS” yes all the difficult basic medical questions will never be asked now :) These exams check for the “width” of our knowledge and not “depth” as in the case of aipg :)
Again just brush up with dental pulse and the past year comedk questions and attend the exam with the same confidence..


Tougher when compared to COMEDk.. Its an online exam.. 200 questions in 2 hours but no negative marking.. Results on your screen immediately after finishin the exam..
Read past year manipal question from DENTAL BYTES .. although there are no repeats we can get an idea with regards to the questions they ask.. brush up with the synopsis of pulse..  Manipal exam is conducted for 10 days we can choose any date we want to.. select a good day.. be confident and enjoy this new experience.. :)


I personally know about TNPG and APPG in detail.. I have less knowledge about the other state entrances..

To be frank.. its the most unfair exam we can come across.. not because of the exam as such but due to the mode of selection adopted by the selection authorities.. Exam contains 250 questions in 3 hours simple paper but exausting.. Loads of neumerical questions.. there is no seperate book for past year papers but many are asked form pulse or gowri shankar…

the selection committee converts the mark you scored out of 250 into 90 … and the other 10 marks are given according to “experience” after completing CRRI (example: I get a score of 65 out of 90 but i have 7 years of experience after completion of crri.. my mark will be 72 on 100)

So a fresher has to get 70 + out of 90 to stand a chance..
But the problem is added on by reservations.. to service candidates.. SC MBC.. so on.. making it the most unfair exam of the lot

The only exam which the locals of AP can appear for.. the exam as such is the easier of the examz.. with only 100 questions all simple.. mostly from dental subjects.. easier to score heavily ..

Guys.. guess this should have provided a deep insight into exams which we give..

All the best in your preparation :)

By Dr.Junaid Mohammed(1st Yr Community Dentistry MDC Govt Col Chennai)

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This article was written by my good friend ” Dr.Junaid Mohammed ” in the summer of 2011. By that time results of AIPG were out and he had scored top ranks in the exam and secured a place in Tamilnadu Government Dental College. By today we both have finished our MDS ( in April 2014) and he has joined a college as a faculty. By reading from the experiences of the achievers, you can learn a lot.

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