Hi to one and all .  Am back with one more super good article that will no doubt be of immense help to all the Dental Graduates trying for MDS entrances . 

Article written by Dr.Junaid Mohammed ( MDS CDS )

This post is very special as the writer is a very good friend of mine . He has been preparing for MDS entrance exams for past 1 year . Finally all his hard work and patience paid off as he was able to secure a 2nd Rank in the Tamilnadu MDS entrance exams & 1st Rank in the Andhrapradesh MDS entrance exam . In the end he chose and joined Madras Govt Dental College in the department of “Community & Public Health Dentistry”. He has completed his PG and started his career.

In the mean time I requested him to write an article and to share his experience  related to MDS Entrance exams . Within a few days he wrote and gave me the article. Its perhaps one of the best written articles on the preparation for MDS entrance .The writer has chronicled his experiences and emotions in a very simple and straight forward manner that will appeal to all the readers who are preparing for MDS entrance exams. It answers some very serious questions like ….

Go through the next few slides to read this amazing article

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