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Respected Aspirants 🙂

I guess you all must have already experienced the heat of entrance preparation by now..
I know half of you must be actually worrying about the way you have been preparing and rest I Guess must be worrying whether you all be getting a seat this time…


There are two best thoughts which needs to be remembered each moment when you are sailing through these stressful days.

For the first half the people who are worrying.. “Success belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else”

And for those who are prepared well I guess you all should remember one thing.. “There is always a light at the end of tunnel”

I know the feeling which each one faces in those days of entrance preparation.. but No FEAR.. that’s actually needed the most to keep you r clock ticking..


It was almost 1 and half years now after writing that most acknowledged Blog I wrote for showing a hope for the new aspirants who face one of the big question when they just think about MDS preparation… “ How I prepared for my MDS entrance “ has been read around 4-5 thousand people till now, has been uploaded on many sites too and indexed by Google…. I am really thankful to all those kind people who enabled to make me a mark on the path of this difficult journey of MDS preparation.

Although the blog does solve most of doubts about entrance prep.. but few things did missed out in that blog of mine. I did promise to few of my sweetest aspirants that I will be writing the new one soon.. And for those who waiting it.. HERE it GOES


Have received many mails, calls, asking many question.. most of the time they are repeated so often that sometimes I even felt like just copying and pasting my earlier response.. I am sure may be for the next 5 years these following questions will arise in each of the budding aspirants who keeps the first step in the path of entrance preparation. I have tried sincerely to explain each of them, in the way so that each one of you understands it. I have surely made the language simple , just to make you feel that you almost talking to a person who have always tried to make support the new aspirants… Believe in one thing.. U HELP SOMEONE TODAY, GOD WILL SURELY HELP U SOMEDAY.. HERE IT GOES 🙂




Now time is money here.. it all depends on whether you are dropping or just preparing during internship.. keeping that point apart, you should make a time table of yours in which you should mark a deadline for each subject.. make sure the amount of time you allotted for successive revisions are less than the earlier one,, so if you plan your study this way then you will get a rough idea about the level of preparation you will be doing at the end of prep.


Now there are many people who give a different formula for entrance prep.. but you all should know one thing.. nobody guaranties you the success.. but yes.. they do give a hope.. somebody has said the truth.. “ To know the path ahead, ask those who are coming back” . This just means that if somebody has got success then you surely have a hope in that path.. but each you all should remember one thing.. every individual is different. Hence the amount of effort put by each individual is different and luck too.. but one thing you all should remember is, U REALLY CANT SAIL IN TWO BOATS AT A TIME.. “ the best advice to you all .. trust one , and follow it… don’t complicate things by listening to too many people.. ask one person who got a true success and follow it.,, what matters is the amount of trust you put in his words.. that’s what is imp to keep yourself motivated.. It also depends on your time and how you have read in your BDS days.. I never had time to read theory in my internship but I had worked hard during in my UG, so I was not much scared about the standard book.. but those who have taken a break of another year , I advise them to read the theory to because they have lot lot time for prep..




This is a complicated question!!.. the answer is not easy too.. I was from a small town called Belgaum where you hardly have coaching institutes,, and the other factor is the time you have to do for preparation..

The answer is!! Yeh do Join it.. only if you can… why??? The answer is simple.. in batch of 100 BDS students there will be 5 who rare truly interested in MDS entrance prep.. so imagine having 100 of such people who are constantly surrounding you , who are much serious about entrance than you are,!! How does that feel.. FEAR isn’t it… that’s actually which is needed when you start entrance prep.. you do need that fear which always motivates you for it..
But One thing holds true in this matter.. the final result does not depend on what coaching center you joined.. its once hard work which matters the most,. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!! Although u need to give some part of your credit to the coaching center .

Coaching center is the best place where you will be getting the latest question of various entrance examination.. This is most imp when it comes to securing a best rank in entrance.. getting those questions from the coaching institute is almost equal to giving all entrance exams.. but yes. It although completely can’t take the place of those exams.


This question was most asked by those who are devoid of coaching centers in their places…The answer is YES!! Now the other question which follows this..??


The answer is NOOO * [ * conditions apply].. lol…. the reason why I said Nooo is because you don’t really feel anything when you give exams on this dumb box.. yehh try it once. it’s like just trying a new application on Facebook. He he…
Now why the[ *].. that’s because for those who don’t have classroom test series option then it’s a must to go for online test series.. “something is better than nothing” isn’t it??

The advantage of joining a test series specially the class room test series is it makes you feel the fear of exam which you will eventually get used to.. the another advantages is, you really can judge how many repeated question you missed in each exam… this gives you an idea about the amount of prep you needed so that you don’t miss the repeated once.

Two things which you all need to remember when it comes to test series.. you hardly have time to revise the explanation given by test series.. ya.. that’s true.. at the end of the year its damn difficult to revise those with books.. so make sure you give the best attempt every time so that you don’t have to repeat it again.

The 2nd thing you need to remember is not to follow the time table which the test series follows.. you really can’t do a single subject a full week and get top rank in that exam . if you do that then at the end of the year you will end up with 2-4 revisions only. that’s not the right thing .. maybe that’s ok for the first 2 months.. after that you need to have your own timetable so at the end of year you are done with many revisions .. so do remember this!!


by Dr. Suresh Shenvi

MDS  : Conservative n Endodontics,

Davangere and a prolific writer on dental career.




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