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Continued from the last article

This article contains few of the important addresses , dates and links that may be useful . Dates might not be of the current year. But it will surely give you an idea about the tentative timings of the exam and about the formalities that you should fulfill.

The ministry evaluates the pharmacists before allowing them to take up the job in UAE. Evaluation is based on Academic qualifications, Experience, Successful pass of written exams and technical interviews.
I will explain the evaluation procedures and the grade allotted to the professionals, a starting pharmacist need to qualify with a bachelor degree in Pharmacy and experience with not less than 1 year. If you have minimum 3 years experience, you can get the practitioner pharmacist grade. Bachelor in pharmacy with a diploma or equivalent (not less than 12 months study) from faculties of pharmacy with not less than 3 years experience after obtaining diploma will get you the grade of Specialist(b) Pharmacist. 3 years of experience after masters’ degree will leads to a grade of Specialist(A) Pharmacist. Consultant(b) Pharmacist requires 5 years of experience after PHD in pharmacy and for Consultant(A) Pharmacist the required experience is not less than 10 years after obtaining PHD. The ministry is also mentioned ‘studies, researches published in the speciality field and/or taking part in scientific conference internationally recognized as other requirements for Specialist(A) Pharmacist, Consultant(b) Pharmacist and Consultant(A) Pharmacist

Pharmacist Assistant
Required not less 2 years of experience in any pharmaceutical establishments with recognized pharmacist certificate. Need to pass pharmacy test and pharmacy law held by the ministry.

There is a separate section under UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (TCAM). The exams are conducted 3 times a year.
Next TCAM exam is on 30th of September 2009 and the venue is in Dubai, UAE.
The registration for the examination is on 13th and 14th of September 2009 at MOH centre Karama, Dubai and MOH Office Abudhabi

Physiotherapist need to get the licence from the Health ministry to work in government hospitals and other reputed hospitals in UAE but many physiotherapist works in small clinics and later apply for the ministry licence. For this, you need to find a sponsor who can support you with a job and later apply for the MOH or DOH exam. If you are a diploma holder in physiotherapy the duration of that, not less than 2 years.
Experience required
Required minimum 1 year of experience after B.Sc. or Diploma) [if the experience is from the private sector, it should be at least 2 years

Contact details of MOH/GAHS/DOH

Abu Dhabi
Address : P.O.Box 848 , Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: +971 (2) 6330000
Location : Hamdan Street, above National Bank of Bahrain

Address: P. O. Box 1853, Dubai, UAE.
Tel : +971 (4) 3966000
Fax: +971 (4) 3965666
Location: Al Karama, Opposite Burjoman Center, Bur Dubai.

GAHS General Authority for Health Services Abu Dhabi
PO Box 5674, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

DHA Dubai Health Authority
(Previously known as DOHMS – Department of Health and Medical Services)

Time table for the Nurses MOH exam for the year 2009
by abraham » Friday, 10th July 2009 03:25 pm

5 schedules are given for the Nursing/Midwifery Registration Examination for 2009. In this 3 schedules are completed and following are the details of the next exams in UAE

Thursday 15 October 2009, Time- Exam 01:00 – 03:30, Venue-PM Institute of Nursing, Sharjah, Intake date-01/08/2009

Thursday 10 December2009, Time- 01:00 – 03:30, Venue- PM Institute of Nursing, Sharjah, Intake date-01/10/2009

Nurses who wish to appear for the coming exam can register now, kindly note that Registration for the MOH will be closed once the seats are full.

  • You have to be at the exam place 2 hours prior to the exam time.
  • Exam Registrations is open through out the year for all the above mentioned exam dates by presenting to the Federal Department of Nursing Abu Dhabi and Dubai with the required documents.
  • Midwifery Registration Examination will be only in October

Health professionals job transfer/change in UAE

Transfer Professions Application
For transferring fill Form No.1 ( PDF Form or HTML Form ) this form should be stamped and signed by the new employer.
Get no objection letter from your employer.
Get your original license.
Renew your license if it isn’t renewed.
If you are a doctor, you will be charged AED 600 to transfer your license, while nurses and others should pay AED 350.

DOH- New Professions Application-Check list/Requirments

New Professions Application for DOH
Fill Form 1 ( (PDF Form OR HTML Form)
Fill Form 2 (PDF Form OR HTML Form)should be filled and stamped by your employer.
The candidate has to attach a copy from his educational and qualification certificates, experience and reference letter, copy of his registration in his country, list of surgery he/she has done, passport copy and three color photographs. You must pay the fees the moment you apply. Moreover, you will have to present all the original papers you submit to DOH . To notify, your qualifications should be attested by the UAE Embassy.
Dubai Health Authority will inform the candidate about the date, time of the interview. After the interview is over, you can find out your result by just calling us.
If the candidate passed the interview, they have to pay the license fees, which is as follows:
– Doctors = AED 2, 600
– Nurses & Others = AED 600

CHECKLIST FOR ALL THE PROFESSIONALS Requirements (56 Professionals)

Question by An INDIAN Dentist

I am a dentist from India and passed out in 2005.I am interested in giving the DOH licencing exam for dentists.Please can you help me with getting started.

Please help me with the following:
1)where can i get the licencing exam form
2)list of required documents
3)information about fees of exam and timetable

I would also appreciate if you can share any other useful information with me


Answer :

I am writing a brief about the DOH dentists exam, Hope this post will help all the dentists looking to work in Dubai
To practice by Yourself you need to be an MDS with minimum 2 years experience. If you are a BDS, you can only be an assistant to an MDS. There is only Viva in DOH exam and successfull pass is required to work in dubai. (with DOH you are allowed only to work in Dubai).

Get your main certificates attested by UAE Embassy Delhi before the interview. Take an appointment date for interview from DOH and appear with your original attested certificates. Results will be published online in 2-3 days. You can come on a visit visa and can do the doh exam in dubai

You can also apply directly by yourself in DOHMS website. I will mention the contact details at the end. Another possibility is geting a sponser from Dubai and thy can take an appointment for you from DOH like polyclinic or small dental clinics.

Exam schedule for dentists
click on the below link you can get the assessment dates select which date is convenient for you and give it when you submit your application.

How to apply
After selecting the date go to the left side menu and select application forms choose pdf forms of
Health Professionals Licensure Form
Application For Licensure

DOH website is very informative and if you have any questions DOH authorities are supportive; make a ring if you need any support.

Contact details of DOHMS Dubai
Licensing & Specification Department
Phone – 04-2197100
Fax- 04-3113133 or 04-3113116 or 3113279

1. GAHS – General Authority of Health Services – For Abu dhabi
2. DHA – Dubai Health Authority (previously known as DOHMS – Department of Health and Medical Services)
3. MOH – Ministry of Health – For all other Emirates (Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, RAK, Fujairah)
(Check the previous posts for more details)

Check Dubai Health Authority for dentist exam schedule in dubai, select the speciality

What else documents do i need for registration in DHA ?

General Dentist
Application for Licensure (SLD form No. 03 )
Health Professionals Licensure Form (SLD form No. 02)
signed & stamped officially by the facility
( Hospital or new clinic or existing clinic)
Authenticated 1 copy of basic dental qualification e.g.
BDS, DDS, DMD or other equivalent qualification
Authenticated copy of post graduation certificate(s) (if
Copy of Internship certificate (obligatory)
2 Copies of recent experience certificate(s)Five years
experience including Internship programme
Copy of valid Medical License(s) / Registration(s)
Good Standing Certificate from medical council in the
country of last practice or renewal of the registration (not
more than six months old)
Passport photocopy
One recent coloured photograph
Other Documents (if any)
Interview & Application Fee

2. Is it o.k. that some my documents were attested in 2007 ?
Authentication by UAE embassy/Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE is required, so the period is not important

3. Is it possible to pass registration few days before Exam date ?
The approval will be declared after 5 working days of submission date. But check the below DHA website for the available date by selecting dental and there you can find the dates vacant seats for the DHA exam.

4. if not,how many days at least before exam date ?
Seats are limited so it depends on the availability, so prior booking is recommended

5. is it possible to pass registration ON-LINE ?
Yes, contact the DHA authorities

6.Should i need to pass MOH exam, if i want to work in Sharjah later and already have DHA license?
Yes, you have to pass MOH

Few more Questions

1.After I cleared the exam I am only eligible to work only in Dubai or anywhere else?
The DOH exam allows you to work only in Dubai

2.After getting the dubai registration, is it permanent or will i have to pay every year for renewal?
DOH Licence is subject to yearly renewal

3. After passing after how many days they issue the registration certificate?
The assessment result shall be declared after two days of assessment date.
You can view the interview result through the website (Licensing & Speciation) by using the Registration No., Facility Code No. and Candidate’s Code No.

4. What will be the pay range for specialist dentist in dubai private hospital?
This depends on the hospital, experience and current salary trends in the country

5. Its better to work in private hospital or government hospital?
Depends on the individual and his/her career choice

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