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Starting from the 1st day of BDS till finally completing MDS, a young and curious student goes through a lot of changes emotionally. Let me put it keeping myself in perspective. When I joined BDS, I particularly had no idea why am I doing it. I just knew that I couldn’t get the cut off needed for medicine and rest all was like a reaction to that action.

In fact the day I was getting interviewed by the dean of the college … I was thinking about Newtons third law : ) and was trying to analySe the turn of events that led me from being a future software engineering student to being a student of managing the human pearl – the tooth.

Any ways , days rolled and from the 1st day of BDS till today when am in to my 3rd year of MDS I have understood a lot about dentistry and how this field has changed over time.

I have been sharing all my experiences and information since the day I created DentalOrg.Com in the hope that it might benefit some of you.

So the question is are there enough Govt. Jobs for Dental Graduates ?

Let’s See All the OptionsĀ 

One of the most important thing lacking in dental students is information. You must realise that today dentistry is not like as it was a decade back. Ever increasing number of dentists, neglect of proper management by the authorities and increasing aspirations of students have created a lot of pressure on an average dental graduate who many times feels lacking in the social prestige.

The reason being his/her friends and relatives who have started to earnĀ  more and quicker than him/her.

So, now the time has come when instead of just finishing BDS/MDS , joining a college and opening a clinic , a dental student has started looking for other options.

Options that can not only give financial security but some thing more.

We have got lots of mail asking about the possible government jobs available to a Dental Graduate (BDS/MDS). In this article we will discuss in detail about it.


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