DENTAL DREAMS – Part 6 Expressing Yourself


Dr Vivekananda Rege

A Great doctor & a Gifted writer. His stories motivates students towards success & happiness. Sir has always worked for the benefit of Dental Students.

Welcome all the Docs to the Part 6 of the ongoing series ” Dental Dreams ”

This series of Article is written by Dr.Vivekananda Rege . In the part 6 he is talking about the point about exams i.e to express your self … Dr.Rege is the Dental Surgeon to his excellency Governor of Maharashtra.

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DENTAL DREAMS Post 6 Expressing Yourself ! by Dr. Vivekanand S. Rege This post is Specially dedicated 2 my New friend The FAMOUS PAIS -Dr.Debasish Mishra

MY dear friends,

Examination = the testing of the proficiency or knowledge of a student (Oxford Dictionary)

My definition for you,


EXAMINATION =the process of seeking the Impression of an Examiner on the Expression of the Knowledge by a student.


Written examination involves, writing your answers to particular questions, in a limited, given amount of Time. So that, later on it can be checked by an Examiner, to find out the depth & understanding of your knowledge on that particular topic (subject) ONLY.

Thus you Express your Knowledge on the sheet of paper to allow the examiner to give his/her Impression later, on your understanding capability of that subject.

Lesson6 – Expression of Knowledge ! (written exam)

I feel the Examination process involves the following –

PURPOSE = to EXPRESS your Knowledge

AIM = to IMPRESS the Examiner

GOAL = to achieve 100% SUCCESSwhen all the above, end in a “E S S ” it means YES SUCCESS is doubly sure for YOU ! 😀

I can see you all nodding your heads and wondering how you did NOT realize this before?

I will tell you now, since childhood, our parents & the society are always inclined towards our excellence & achievement. It can be anything studies, sports, arts…………..

Remember how we ask a small toddler who has just started going to a playing school to recite “jack N Jill” when guests came over ? Isn’t that an Exam? That child has to perform (express) so that the guests can Judge (get Impressed) and clap (giving 100% marks).Their claps make the Parents HAPPY, the Little child at 2-3 yrs just wants to get away from this examination & Enjoy himself.They worry, we perform. Were you ever worried of saying jack n jill then ?


So what are you worried of your Examination now? if YOU could get 100% in your 1st exam WHY NOT NOW?





Because NOW it is YOU, who are MORE worried, anxious about your Performance in the exam than even your parents. And that is THE MAIN reason why you may perform poorly in an exam.


Exam Fever

Exam Fever

1. EXAM FEVER—I have personally witnessed my cousin sister’s skin erupting in rashes just before her exams. My nephew getting a bad cold & fever just before his exams.

2. Getting Cold Feet – Yes, many people actually get cold feet & hands just before the exam due to Over anxiety, Tell me how will they perform well then if they do NOT have enough heat generated to write the paper cheerfully.

3. PERSPIRATION– some start perspiring like a Fountain throwing out water.


if you read the Physiology, you may find all these symptoms to be related to Fear & Anxiety.


Fear of something (FAILING) that may never Happen.


Let me tell you friends, There is NO such thing as a FAILURE-it is just a Perception formed by certain elements in our society. People who do NOT fail, may not succeed. Ask The great achievers, they will tell you I am right. The Great Cricketer Sachin does NOT hit a century always, find out about his ducks (zeros) & you will be amused.

He hits a Century when He is NOT under Tension and flops when he is. Read his interviews to confirm it.

Coming back to my definition of Examination, YOU have to EXPRESS yourself Well.

Best expressions come when you are RELAXED! ask Brad Pitt or Amitabh Bachchan!

Else you have to go for Re-takes!

Oh so! Examination is like performing in front of a camera.

Prepare yourself well in advance,

know your dialogues well (post 2 –gathering Knowledge)

Get ready for the shoot (post 5- Preparing for exams)

Apply make-up, wear jewellery, good clothes (Keep Happy, smiling, Cheerful)



and give your BEST shot with CONFIDENCE! –to be okayed in one shot, no retakes


in such a way that everyone in studio starts clapping (SUCCESS).

same example can be put in a Cricket match way

Ready your kit, practice your strokes, boost your energy, wear your pads & gloves etc and go hit a Century…..u may even remain NOT OUT !



And so what even if you score a zero? Life does NOT end there.

You may be good at so many other things that the Gold Medalist student may not be. Let him/her be studious, you just aim at passing .getting a zero does not mean you do not try again, else how would a cricketer gather so many centuries?

Life is not only about Writing Exams in College 🙂


On the Evening before your exam –

1. Do NOT study.

2. Do NOT discuss study with anyone.

3. Go for a walk, sit at sea shore, go to terrace, sit quietly & relax mentally.

4. Listen to your favorite music, play a game, any activity that will relax you (post 4)

5. Go to the Exam hall with a Cheerful mind.

                                                                                             HAPPY MIND = GOOD EXAMS 


Consider your written Exam as another performance, whether you love music, films or sports, NEVER consider it an EXAMINATION- some students will scoff at me now but try it for yourself and you will know the Joy of “Performing in an Exam”-results will be such that ….



“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” ~ William Durant (1861 – 1947) was a pioneering industrialist and founder of General Motors Corporation.

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