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A Great doctor & a Gifted writer. His stories motivates students towards success & happiness. Sir has always worked for the benefit of Dental Students.

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                     DENTAL DREAMS –   Post 1 – by Dr. Vivekanand S. Rege


rp_369577_1798505251_353470684_n.jpgWe welcome Dr.Vivekanand S. Rege to Family .

Doctor   His Excellency The Governor of Maharashtra

Panel Doctor Air India

Honorary Surgeon at Nagpada Police Center Mumbai

He is one of the most prominent dental surgeons in Mumbai  as well as in India. He is also a very gifted writer who has been consistently writing to motivate students . His writing is not only very fresh but it shows an understanding of the struggles of the students in today’s era . We feel very fortunate that he has chosen our website to connect with all the students . 

So. welcome again Sir. 

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So , Here is the Article … 

Post written on 28 september 2011 , on the occasion of Navratri .


daydreaming2MY dear friends,

Today is the start of Navratri festival – a festival of Harvest in India, culminating with celebration of Success = VIJAY on 10th DAY called VIJAYADASHMI (Dassera).

I feel 9 nights the farmer stays awake so as to keep a watch and protect his full grown crop which he can reap on the 10th day, then market it, sell it and Celebrate Dipawali, the Festival of Lights about 15 days after.

9 is a powerful no. we the Human beings being “harvested” as BIRTH, after 9 months 9 days in a woman’s womb. That woman our dear MOTHER is a SHAKTI and this festival celebrates this

POWER=SHAKTI of Success of Good or Evil.

Lesson 1 – ANATOMY of SUCCESS !




In my opinion, we  have NINE parts of The Human Body, which if  utilized well, can definitely put you on the Everest Top of SUCCESS.

1.EYES – to Observe-take the Knowledge”IN” with BOTH eyes, shut them on Unwanted things

2.EARS–  to Hear – receive”IN” Positive thoughts and information,

pass bad comments out thru second ear

3. NOSE – Breathe in Pure Air of Wisdom thru one nostril to purify your soul and breath out

Impure thoughts from your mind.

4.TONGUE– you may taste (TEST) different things  but use your Judgment   to separate Food from Poison

hence what you speak should be Nutritious (Motivating) to others and Not Poisonous to

Depress them.

5.SKIN– Sense the Environment through the numerous pores on your entire body

nature, sea, sky, space, earth , sun, moon and give out the same in your CARE for others.

You are Doctors so Give The Healing Touch to all to be a Successful doctor.

Utilize your energy   through Hard Work to sweat it out to Success.

6.HANDS– Act properly, your hands are Powerful, they can HEAL or KILL.

7.FEET – Always try to stand Firmly on your OWN feet of CONSCIENCE.




8.HEART – Listen to your heart because it will talk ONLY to you. Enjoy what you do.

9. BRAIN – Think Positively always, do not Forget U R GOD !

Born here with a mission of giving the world something GoOD !


SMILE always because that is not only your profession but that is the easiest thing you can share, free of cost, with  anybody & everybody, to Connect INSTANTLY , much faster than FB & your other gadgets.     

This post, though   dedicated to ALL my Young Dental Friends Globally, it may be enjoyed by you all

Wishing “U” a Happy VIJAYADASHMI – Celebrate your SUCCESS-E V E R Y D A Y !!!  😀

The article continues in the next part …. 

This article is by Dr.Nandu Petkar-Rege

(One of the most Prominent Docs of Mumbai)

Doctor   His Excellency The Governor of Maharashtra

Panel Doctor Air India

Honorary Surgeon at Nagpada Police Center Mumbai


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