Before joining dentistry as a career, we generally have no idea of the difficulties that we are going to face. Most of us do this mistake of thinking that doing BDS ensures a smooth career with easy and high returns . By the time we finish our internship this dream breaks and we come face to face with the stark and hard reality . Every thing is no more as rosy as we had imagined .



By the time you finish reading this article you will have a more clearer idea as to what to do after BDS


Information collected from the experience of many past BDS/MDS students .

So Lets Start and Solve the Mystery of What After BDS ?


For certain persons whose father and mother are already in this field things might be a little easy and different. But such cases are exception and if you are first time dentist in your family without any proper back up things can be a little difficult. In such a scenario you can’t have a laid back attitude. You need to have all the possible information with you so that you can make a conscious, informed decision that will not only help you in your career but also will bring stability to your family.

In this post lets go through some of the possibilities that lie ahead …

A ) The list is endless , but always remember to choose what you are comfortable with.The best course for an Indian would be to do the PG course in a good college and then invest in a nice furnished clinic or better still be a consultant in some clinics. That way you invest in solid returns. Initial setbacks are common. I know of a dentist who had virtually no good practice for years before he clicked and is one of the top endodontic consultants currently making more than one million per month.

Now here’s the catch . Getting a govt MDS seat is not easy. It not only needs a great deal of hard work , sometimes two to three attempts to get through and there is always the risk of not getting through even after a lot of dedicated preparation.

Here are some of the best articles that will give you an idea on MDS preparation :





But one got to take the chance. There is this second way to get into private colleges spending some bulk some of money . But some times it works out as people who can afford to pay get the degree faster and easier than others. But if finance is low, then spending a huge amount on a private PG seat can also be trouble some as it can create a situation of financial back log. Its not wise to take a huge loan for PG as the it needs a big mortgage as well as interest rates are high.


The most common idea that any body has is to to land in academic field as a lecturer …….if u r comfortable in teaching fields.

If u r undergraduate please dont expect high salaries!use it as a platform to learn and prepare for ur PG. Use the help of the aspirants and senior people! If u complete ur post graduation that is a sure shot since u can get sure salary every month irrespective of ur practice..and in a decade or so u can land as an asst. professor or professor and HOD in some college!

But here’s also there is a catch . There has been a steady increase in the number of PG in the recent past and the chances of getting a permanent opening in the college is getting slimmer and tighter.


Govt. service is another option. In Tamilnadu,TNPSC exams are conducted with few years gap. So you know what it is like in your place. That way its good even if u can squeeze in just after your UG because u can do your PG as a service candidate later … so get the details .

animated_us_flagD) GOING ABROAD :

Then there is always this idea to go ABROAD . In the past it was relatively easy to go and settle abroad. But at present if you are a dentist in INDIA and you wish to settle in Australia , USA , Canada or UK it is going to demand a lot of time , effort and finance. For example if you wish to go to US they need you to pass the national board dental exam (NBDE) step 1 and 2 and then you can pursue DDS….that would take a whole lot of time and money….not to mention the latest problems and difficulties in obtaining the US visa! and you are allowed only three attempts to clear the steps !

And even after going through all the hardships you somehow land up abroad, success wont come overnight . Its a foreign place with its own culture and own set of rules regarding every aspect of life that’s very different from what you are used to in INDIA. Dentistry in abroad is full of legal issues and high emphasize on consumer rights. For example, a simple error in root canal treatment in India as a result of which patient loses a tooth might be hushed away. But in Western countries the patient might sue you for millions of dollars.

Its not about financial burden.

Its about wise investment, I mean it.

I would suggest that you don’t put plans on US as of now for two reasons.The tests will be of difficult nature and you need to accustom yourself to the practices there….like the drugs and legal issues !

And the cost u need to incur to attempt once the exam may be huge and its not wise unless we plan to settle there or you already have a solid back up like some relative and even then we cannot afford the loss if we fail.Test fees are huge by Indian standards and just to attempt it you need lots of investment.

But of course if one does make it finally abroad as a good dentist then you can be one of the few ultra successful dentists, as unlike India , dentistry abroad is one of the most highest paid jobs . But in the end its you who have to decide and weigh the advantages v/s disadvantages of trying to settle in abroad , as the personal situation varies from one individual to other .

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